Running a Responsible Business

“People barely know I exist, so what else should I be doing?” Plenty, as it turns out. Different states have different business requirements, but you may very well need to do things like obtain a business license for your store, and depending on what you’re selling, you’ll also need to make sure you’re charging the appropriate local and state sales taxes. If you aren’t, then you’re risking the very future of your business. This is no time to be sloppy.

How to Manage the Dawn Phenomenon

For most people, the dawn phenomenon presents no issues. For those with type 2 diabetes, however, the dawn phenomenon can be problematic. 

5 Tips to Reduce Your Energy Bill

We spend a huge sum of our earnings on energy. In fact, the average household is said to spend about $2,200 on home energy costs and over $3,300 on gasoline. All in all, heating and cooling costs make about 33% of a home’s total expenditure on energy.

Why Is It Healthy to Get a Regular Massage?

Given the health benefits associated with receiving a regular massage, it might be easy to become addicted to it. You might end up heading to the local spa quite often or asking a massage specialist for a home visit.

4 Lessons TemplateMonster Learned the Hard Way

In 2002, when we just started, there were only 5 members on our team. We knew each other very good and were close friends. Now we have offices in 8 countries and more than 500 team members, but still, we are more like a family.