Managing Workplace Conflicts

If we’re lucky, most of them will be minor things, like whether or not everyone should contribute to Susan’s retirement fund, especially if they’ve only worked in the same office as Susan for two weeks. But, sometimes, an issue will come along with a higher degree of difficulty, and those require a deft touch to navigate

3 Home Technologies Pushing the Smart Home Craze

Innovative, helpful and practical, these technologies are the “next big thing,” and their growth is expected to continue picking up steam in the coming years.Three technologies that are changing the way homes work are:

Middle Aged Baseball

Sports is something that absolutely anyone can get involved with, no matter what their upbringing, no matter what their age!

5 Dumb Myths Smart Grillers Believe

Smoking to grilling, there are some tips that every #MeatGeeks should know before cooking in their kitchen or backyard. However people are more interested in knowing the “why’s” and less in the “how’s”. Here are some myths bursting facts that you need to look at before you reach heat up your grill next time:

Different Aspects Where Technology Can Greatly Help Seniors

In spite of this, technology has been of great help to seniors in making their lives easier and more efficient especially once they get used to it. It may take some time for seniors to get a hang of it, but with a little guidance from their loved ones, they can definitely use technology to their advantage in no time.