Decoding Blockchain & Cryptocurrency for Family and Friends

There are many reasons to get in on blockchain and cryptocurrency now. The explosive growth of Bitcoin, Ethereum, NEO and countless others are just a few examples. Beyond the investment potential, these technologies are already transforming the world we live in.

Why Don’t Astronauts Run Out of Drinking Water?

The transportation of cargo on Space X’s Dragon spacecraft to the International Space Station (ISS), for example, costs around $9,100 per pound. In simple terms, that means each delivered lemon costs around $2,000.

Driving Towards the Future: China Develops Solar Roadways

The path to the future could be closer than you think. Today, China has begun to develop roadways that come with their own solar panels installed underneath clear concrete. The PV arrays are intended to charge cares wirelessly when they’re in travel while providing digital assistance for automated vehicles

5 reasons why you are always feeling low on energy

Are you always exhausted and lacking energy? Feeling tired is a normal reaction of the body to physical, mental or otherwise stress, but it is not an okay if you are constantly out of energy. It could be saying something about your lifestyle, habits or it might even be a warning sign your body. Here are five things to watch out for which might be responsible for your lack of energy.

Treat Yourself This Winter

“Winter is coming.” Okay, it’s already here. But America is experiencing some insane winter storms this year, and it’s as important as ever to take care of ourselves. Seasonal Affective Disorder is a real thing! This is the time to not only practice self-care but to practice extra self-care. Every now and again, get yourself a prize! Winter can be just as much of a time for play as the spring or summer.

A Career in Hospitality

Food-industry hospitality jobs range all over the place. They include chefs, restaurant managers, food and beverage directors, hosting, serving, dishwashing, and bartending. But those are just a few! The pay can range from hourly minimum-wage to salaries of over $75,000 a year, depending on the job type and where you’re working.

Android Apps for Business You Should Not Miss in 2018

If you’re managing an office, department, or any other staff, you’ve likely come to rely on certain apps to handle scheduling, meetings, and much more. These are your go-to Android apps that you simply can’t do without

9 Easy Tricks to Sell your Home Faster in any Market

Regardless of the current real estate market, there are some easy tricks you can perform to sell your home fast. These tricks don’t guarantee anything, but they will increase your chances of getting a sale at a time when you might not think it is possible to get one. Below are 9 proven ways to sell a house faster.

Ideas for Self-Care

It’s an established fact that self-care is essential for physical and mental health alike. Not only does it make us feel happier, but it translates into more effective work, productivity, and longevity.