Greenhouse: Recruiting Software & Applicant Tracking System

Recruitment is a huge task in any organization. In fact, you are expected to take some huge decisions that can have a lasting impression on the prospects of your organization. The Applicant Tracking Software tools – referred to as ATS, can be quite helpful in this regard. One such ATS tool that has been receiving rave reviews is Greenhouse Recruiting Software.

Protecting Your Business

A hack or loss of data can cost your company massive amounts of revenue. If your business undergoes an IRS audit, it’s essential that you have followed tax laws to a T. Fortunately, there are third-party services out there that help you protect your business.

What Life as a Bearded Man is Really Like

Interested in entering into the ranks of bearded-man status? I’ve got the details on what you need to know about what it’s like to grow, groom, and live with your future beard.

Tax software, DIY or accountant: Which one’s best for you?

As a taxpayer, the single most important decision to make is how to file your income tax returns. While not everyone wants to do their taxes due to busy and active lifestyles, there are those who choose to do it themselves because they want to be in control of their finances and don’t want others to do it for them

Careers that Serve

If you want to dedicate a large part of your life to giving society, then you are a truly remarkable person. Maybe you’re interested in working at a grassroots level, or you want to create change with a large scope. You can always do this through volunteering, but remember that there are actual careers out there that give back as well.