7 Tips to Staying Motivated While Working From Home

So how does a newly founded business owner working from home deal with all the stress and problems that come along? And most importantly how do you stay motivated and focused on the big picture? Here are seven things I do.

5 Biggest Business Writing Mistakes

There are many businesses that fall short on their writing skills, sometimes even feeling the wrath of an online plagiarism checker, which never fairs well for the company at all. If you want to become an international, respected brand, you should definitely avoid these following writing mistakes.

Crucial tips to be more active in 2018

The New Year is approaching and with it, many around the world will aim to be more active in 2018, as they look to be fitter, healthier or simply look to improve the social aspects to their life. Here’s how to enter the new year with energy.

5 free apps that are useful for your holiday travels

Country borders, network differences, differences in currency, and language differences are just a few of the problems we all face when moving around the globe. When it’s just a small journey, you might not care.But holidays are different. These 5 apps are very useful in helping you do a lot during your holiday travels, and they’re free: