Strategic Advantages of Free CRM

Is there a business that wouldn’t benefit from CRM? Unless the business doesn’t rely on customers, then it needs CRM; customer relationship management.

4 Things You Need to Know about Workers’ Comp Insurance

Hiring employees gives your business the opportunity to grow, but it also complicates things. Not only do you have to worry about payroll taxes and health insurance, but you also have to worry about getting workers’ compensation insurance.

Healthcare, Technology and the Relationship Between the Two

It seems like just a few years ago technology was just being introduced into the healthcare field by means of better imaging equipment and better record keeping. However, technology in the healthcare field has grown so much, that it is now changing the way you get your care from your doctor.

Singapore: The ultimate frontier for smart entrepreneurs

In recent years a special breed of global entrepreneurs helped to transform Singapore into an international city that is home to a new wave of elites. This is all thanks to a business- friendly climate, low taxes, first world infrastructure and a high GDP per capita.

Mohamed Ayachi Ajroudi, An Engineer With No Boundaries

Engineer and businessman, Mohamed Ayachi Ajroudi is the entrepreneur behind several technological innovations and numerous international companies. Originally from Tunisia, he continued his studies in France, and since 1981 is resident in Saudi Arabia.

Web Developers: Empower Your Clients With These 4 Strategies

In the past, this was difficult because these environments weren’t DIY friendly and it was easy for a client to mess things up. Today, it’s safer to empower your clients by providing unrestricted access. Here are 4 tips to empower your clients without risking the web asset:

These 5 job search tips are long dead

These types of job tips probably worked when your grandpa finished university some years back. But this is 2017 and sticking to these job advice speak ill of any job seeker and show how they are outdated. So if you are a job seeker, these are the tips to avoid.

7 Tips to Increase Quality of Your Photos

What do you think takes to be a good photographer? A good camera? Some good accessories? Or a good lens? Well, let us tell you a little secret. Neither of the things we just mentioned will help you in becoming a good photographer. It is ultimately you, not your camera which will click good pictures. There are some good photographers and then there are great ones. In order to become a great photographer not only will you require clicking images, rather you will also require editing them intelligently for the world to see and appreciate.

About Playtika

What began as an Indian startup gaming company with about 15 employees in 2010 was eventually sold for around $4.4 billion in late 2016. The company, Playtika, is known for creating casino-style games specifically for social media networks.

Fit is Fabulous with Studio Fitness Classes

Have you been toying with the idea of joining a gym, but you are intimidated by the massive structures and big groups? Maybe all you really want to do is try a little Yoga for the first time