Small Investors, Get Ready for Crypto Index Funds

This past week, Bitcoin soared to approach $10,000 in what has been a record-setting year. But there are over a thousand cryptocurrencies, and with the current bull market it can be hard for potential investors to keep watching from the sidelines.

Voice-Recognition Technology: What’s Available and What’s Next?

For those of us who wish we could have a personal assistant, voice-recognition technology is the next best thing. Say it and it shall be done! But not all voice-recognition technology is the same, nor has this technology even remotely scratched the surface.Learn more here

How Google Finance Helps You To Stand Out as a Self-Made Investor

If you are an investor who wants to bypass the high fees and the technical-oriented information that is slapped on your face almost every day by brokers, you need to go out there and find tools and platforms that can help you stand out. Google Finance is one such platform. Here’s how it helps you out in reaching your goals.

Top 10 Video Games to Play With Your Friends

These are the types of games that are shorter but usually more action-packed and fun – perfect for a party. So, if you’re on the lookout for some video games to play with your friends, then consider some of these options.