The Importance of Strong Relationships With Vendors

One of the key relationships– and one that is often overlooked– is that with your vendors and suppliers. Entrepreneurs rightly focus largely on relationships with customers and clients, but your vendors provide the fundamental materials that make your business possible.

Engendering Effective Customer Service in the Virtual Era

According to a report published in Adweek, 88 percent of all companies are now using social media for marketing and customer service. So, given the prevalence of the Internet and virtual mediums, how do we craft an effective customer service experience to someone we don’t know behind the screen of a phone?

Do These Things to Improve Your Finances in 2018

Are you seeking a few good ways to improve your financial situation in 2018? Have you attempted to do this in the past, all without making as much progress as you would like? Are you ready to reach all your goals in the new year?

HDTV Buying Guide: How To Understand The Specs

Are you buying your first TV or replacing an older one? Do you know what all the specs on the label mean? In this article I will talk about the main features you should consider while getting a HDTV.

7 Tips To Improve Your Home With Bad Credit

Believe it or not, utilizing your home as a means to improve your credit is actually much easier than you might imagine. In fact, with a little bit of research and hard work, this strategy can help you get back on top. Here’s how