How to Winterize Your Pipes

Winter is right around the corner. When temperatures dip below zero, your pipes are at risk of freezing and potentially bursting. Taking steps to winterize your pipes today will help prevent costly repairs in the future – and a call to the plumber. 

6 Jobs That Automation “Might” Not Kill

Automation is scary. The prospects of automation impacting the job market are very real. We’re not talking hypothetical changes; automation will cause millions to lose jobs. Business Insider states that jobs, such as electronic assemblers, are expected to be very different by 2026. 

How to Choose a Bitcoin Exchange

So you’ve decided to buy your first Bitcoin, great! But where do you start? In the following article I’ll give you simple instructions on how to choose the best possible Bitcoin exchange out of the wide variety of Bitcoin exchanges out there. 

How Millennial CIOs Are Transforming Cloud Technology

Making up a third of the existing workforce, and expected to grow to 75% by 2025, millennials are stepping into the role of CIO and making important decisions in IT. Unlike former generations, they don’t want change, they want radical innovation. Most company policies don’t support radical innovation, but that’s about to shift.

What You Should Know About Home Warranties

Home warranty companies are made to protect people from unforeseen repair costs for major home appliances. In most cases, home warranties are perfect for homes with kitchen appliances over 4 years old. Check out the following helpful tips.