Quick fixes to make money sitting at home

Creating a steady source of income is only possible through a business or by being employed. This doesn’t mean that you can not make some extra cash working from the comfort of your home.

10 Painless Ways to Beat Stress Quickly

Knowing how to calm down is what saves you from making an embarrassment out of yourself. Whether you’re looking to get rid of stress at work or home – knowing effectively how to do that… quickly… keeps you from ruining relationships. Be it your spouse, friend or colleague.

Top Emerging Home Automation Trends

Recent changes in technology, and in particular the use of small linear actuators to increase the amount of gadgets and pieces of home property which can be automated, have changed the way in which people approach home automation.

Overcoming Mobile Security Threats

Spyware, viruses, and malware are just a few of the things that can threaten your device and provide thieves with a window into your sensitive personal information.