BX and Socket 370 Motherboards

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BX and Socket 370 Motherboards

Whether Intel likes it or not, two taiwanese Companies already announced Motherboards / CPU-Add-On Cards based on the 440 BX Chipset that host the processor in an Socket 370. The Motherboard comes from Elitegroup and offers both, Slot 1 and Socket 370 on the Motehrboard. Funny enough the board is based on a 440 BX Chipset that offers 66 and 100 MHz FSB.

The rest of the technical features are more or less standard (3DIMMs for 768 MB of PC100 SDRAM, On-Board Sound and 5 Slots) Far more interesting is the fact that the announcement, that this Motherboard will support the Socket 370 Celerons in speeds of up to 466 MHz at a FSB of 66 MHz only.

The also available Slot 1 can not only host 66 MHz processors but also PII models with 100 MHz FSB support and even the new Pentium III at speeds of 450 and 500 MHz.

We did yet not see or officially hear of a Celeron based on socket 370 or slot 1 at the mentioned speeds but obviously theses are the upcoming models. Also interesting the announcement, that the motherboard will support “the upcoming 100 MHz FSB Celeron Versions”.

Elitegroup earlier this week also announced a Motherboard based on the SiS 620 Chipset featured with the socket 370. This was among other reasons possible, because a licence agreement between SiS and Intel has finaly been signed.

TMC also announced a CPU raiser card based on the BX Chipset but offering a socket 370 for the processor only. They even claim to support Celeron processors of speeds up to 500 MHz at both bus speeds 66 and 100 MHz. This card ist the second in a row and has got VGA and one DIMM Slot On-Board.