Diamond Multimedia to develop S3 Savage4 graphics boards

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Diamond Multimedia to develop S3 Savage4 graphics boards

Diamond Multimedia Systems plans to develop one of the PC market’s first AGP 4X graphics accelerators, based on S3’s new Savage4 architecture.

The AGP 4X technology allows for the transfer of twice as many 3D textures versus previous generation AGP 2X implementations. Diamond officials say the Savage4-based product also will take advantage of S3 Texture Compression, or S3TC, for 3D graphics featuring larger, more realistic textures. The product is being designed to provide “uncompromised 2D and 3D graphics acceleration and digital video playback performance for the mainstream PC gaming and consumer markets at an engaging price point,” according to Diamond officials.

Diamond’s Savage4-based graphics card is expected to include hardware-accelerated DVD playback featuring second-generation motion compensation and subpicture alpha blending. In addition, the new board will include advanced digital flat panel support in selected configurations.

Diamond’s web site is at http://www.diamondmm.com.