600 MHz Alpha chip ships

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600 MHz Alpha chip ships

Alpha Processor Inc. has started full production of its third-generation Alpha 21264 microprocessors at speeds of 500 MHz and 600 MHz. The Alpha 21264 began shipping in sample quantities to OEM customers in late 1998.

The latest high-performance 64-Bit Alpha microprocessor is intended for the workstation and server markets.

Alpha Processor also announced availability of its first AlphaPC 264DP dual-processor motherboard. The system board can accept up to two Alpha 21264 microprocessor daughter cards and supports up to 4 GB of main memory. Using Compaq Computer’s 21272 chipset with memory bandwidth of 3.2 GB/sec, the AlphaPC 264DP system board achieves 27.7 SPECint95 and 58.7 SPECfp95 on performance benchmarks, when configured with a single 500 MHz Alpha processor

Additional information is available online at http://www.alpha-processor.com.