French supermarket sells $300 Cyrix PC

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French supermarket sells $300 Cyrix PC

Chip maker Cyrix says the systems its offering to French grocery shoppers represent the lowest price in the world for a complete multimedia, Internet-ready PC.

The package, which sells for the equivalent of $300 U.S. dollars, was launched last week after the microprocessor company struck a deal with French ISP Infonie and French supermarket Géant.

The Internet-ready Power Net 300 is manufactured by AEE and comes with a Cyrix M II-300 processor, a 15″ monitor, 32MB of RAM, a 3.2GB hard drive, 36X CD-ROM drive, 2MB PCI graphics card, a 56K V90 modem, speakers, Windows 98, and Infonie’s Internet-access software.

Buyers must sign a two-year Internet access contract with Infonie.

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