Mercury rates ATI Rage 128 fastest 3D

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Mercury rates ATI Rage 128 fastest 3D

Mercury Research has released data that shows ATI’s Rage 128 and nVidia’s Riva TNT dominating the 3D world, although their performance in 2D lags behind older technologies from Matrox and 3Dfx.

Using the Winbench 99 test suite running on a 450MHz Pentium II-based system, the Rage 128 achieved a score 743 to become the No. 1 3D performer. The Riva TNT finished second with a score of 669. 3Dfx’s Voodoo 2-based Banshee ranked third, with 431 points. S3’s Savage3D scored 424 and Matrox’s G200 rated 332.

Mercury’s full results can be viewed at