Intel roadmap charted

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Intel roadmap charted

Sharky Extreme has posted an exhaustive preview of Intel’s processor roadmap for the coming year.

Among the twists and turns is an emphasis on driving down entry-level pricing to support $600 PCs that could ship later this quarter, combining a Celeron 300A with 128 kB Level 2 cache and a 66MHz front side bus running on a 440LX or 440EX chipset-based motherboard. Sharkey predicts Intel will shift the consumer PC market to a 333MHz Celeron in the second quarter, upgraded to the 366MHz in Q3, and ending the year with a 400MHz version.

In the midrange market, Intel’s 433MHz Celeron has been pulled forward from Q2 and scheduled for a March 1999 launch, to be followed by a 466MHz in late Q2.

Mainstream “performance” PCs will be delayed due to difficulties in scaling the Intel Camino chip set and the Rambus DRAMs it supports up to the required speeds to accommodate a 133MHz system bus, Sharky reports. Sharky expects the Pentium II 350Mhz to be phased out after Q1, the 400MHz to be gone by mid year, and the 450Mhz to fall off Intel’s Business Desktop roadmap by the end of Q3. Intel’s plans to introduce a Pentium III 600MHz CPU (dubbed Coppermine) by the end of Q3 and a 600-plus MHz chip by year’s end, according to Sharky. A 700MHz version looks likely for the second half of the year 2000.

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