AMD unveils sixth-generation K6-III

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AMD unveils sixth-generation K6-III

AMD introduced its highest performance x86 microprocessor to date – the AMD-K6-III processor with 3DNow! technology.

AMD has begun volume shipments of the 400-MHz processor and is sampling the 450-MHz version.

Desktop systems based on the AMD-K6-III processor will be available from Compaq Computer Corp. and other leading PC makers.

AMD claims that the chip’s TriLevel Cache design allows it to process instructions faster and deliver better performance at the same clock rate than the Intel Pentium III.

The AMD-K6-III processor is packaged in a 100-MHz Super7 platform-compatible, 321-pin ceramic pin grid array (CPGA) package using C4 flip-chip interconnection technology. The 450MHz version is priced at $476, and the 400MHz is priced at $284, in 1,000-unit quantities.

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