Toshiba, Kingston deliver first Rambus SO-RIMMs

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Toshiba, Kingston deliver first Rambus SO-RIMMs

Toshiba, Kingston deliver first Rambus SO-RIMMs

Toshiba America Electronic Components Inc. and Kingston Technology Co. have announced delivery of Toshiba’s first Rambus small form factor SO-RIMM modules for mobile systems.

Toshiba and Kingston Technology are partnering to design, manufacture, and deliver the prototype 64MB RDRAM SO-RIMMs.

The high-speed Rambus memory chips will enable mobile computers to achieve a peak bandwidth of 1.6GB per second from a single device, double that of today’s PC100 SO-DIMMs.

Rambus SO-RIMM modules can support up to eight devices, which at 128Mb densities will allow a capacity range of 16MB to 128MB. With three SO-RIMM modules in a system, the maximum system capacity using 128Mb RDRAMs is 384MB. The Rambus memory requires one-half the power of comparable PC100 SDRAM, according to the Rambus specification.

Toshiba America Electronic Components maintains a web site at Kingston has more information posted at