Intel spouts off about “Geyserville” technology

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Intel spouts off about ``Geyserville'' technology

Intel Corp. has demonstrated a new mobile processor technology that it claims will close the performance gap between mobile and desktop PCs.

The demonstration focused on an Intel dual-mode mobile processor technology, code-named “Geyserville,” that allows a mobile CPU to operate at a higher frequency when plugged into a wall outlet and automatically switch to a lower power and frequency when running on battery.

Unveiled at the Intel Developer Forum in Palm Springs, Geyserville was showcased along with several other key technology advancements designed to enable Intel-based mobile PCs to run at 600MHz or higher by the end of 1999. These advancements include the forthcoming Pentium III for mobile PCs and future mobile processors manufactured on the advanced 0.18 micron process.

More information on Geyserville technology is posted at


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