"Instant-on" technology gets a boost from Intel

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"Instant-on" technology gets a boost from Intel

Intel Corp. has unveiled the first total Suspend To RAM (STR) solution that fully supports the chip maker’s Instantly Available PC initiative for reduced power consumption and rapid restart.

Intel’s Instantly Available PC specification allows PCs to enter a power-saving “sleep state” during idle periods and avoid the time-consuming shutdown/restart/reboot process to interrupt and resume operation.

Intel’s STR solution enables a PC to achieve the S3 sleep state during idle periods, then quickly “wake up” and regain its fully operational state in response to direct user commands, programmed events such as backup procedures, or external events such as telephone calls and network alerts. In the S3 sleep state, a PC’s power consumption drops to the lowest possible level while the system context is maintained in system memory.

Intel’s STR solution will be implemented on selected Intel Architecture motherboards for release during the first half of 1999.

More information is posted on Intel’s web site, located at http://www.intel.com.