S3’s Savage4 takes on Pentium III and SIMD

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S3's Savage4 takes on Pentium III and SIMD

S3 Inc. announced that its Savage4 architecture has been optimized to support the Pentium III processor and its Internet Streaming SIMD Extentions (SSE).

The optimization is one of the first fruits of S3’s technology alliance with Intel. S3 officials say that tweaking Savage4’s ICD and Direct3D drivers for the SSE allows the host PC to feed transformed, clipped, lit triangles to the graphics hardware at a rate closer to what the Savage4 architecture is capable of rendering. Translation: Screaming fast gaming and graphics.

Virtually all graphics accelerator vendors will be following in S3’s wake, using SSE to speed up their own 3D pipelines.

S3’s web site is located at http://www.S3.com.


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