Acclaim ships South Park for PC

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Acclaim ships South Park for PC

Acclaim Entertainment Inc.’s new game, South Park for the PC, has been released to retailers across the United States.

Based on the immensely popular cable TV cartoon, the South Park game has already enjoyed substantial success on the Nintendo 64 platform, according to Acclaim officials.

The PC versions of the game unfolds in five episode-based, single-player adventures. Gamers can choose single player mode, or pick from more than 20 South Park characters in multiplayer mode.

The software features custom voices recorded specifically for the game by South Park creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker.

South Park for PC ships with built-in support for GameSpy Industries’ Internet gaming tool, GameSpy, which allows gamers to engage online opponents. Gamers can challenge up to seven opponents over the Internet using the GameSpy matchmaking service. South Park for PC also features new multiplayer maps, additional characters, enhanced gadgets, and expanded environments.

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