Sony’s new notebook, memory-on-a-stick

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Sony's new notebook, memory-on-a-stick

Sony Electronics has displayed a range of new PC, DVD, and Memory Stick-based products, all consistent with the company’s plan to accelerate the convergence of PC and audio/video products, and to spread the use of Sony’s Memory Stick flash-memory device extensively across both product categories.

Sony’s Memory Stick has been integrated into several Vaio PC and notebook models, digital cameras, camcorders, a photo printer, and other devices.

Sony also introduced the Vaio PCV-L600 Slimtop computer and the C1 PictureBook micro notebook.

The Slimtop PC, to ship this month for $2,999, is essentially a notebook computer configured as a desktop. The unit includes a 14.1″ TFT LCD monitor, full-sized keyboard, a 500MHz Intel Pentium III, a 10.8-gigabyte hard drive, 128 megaBytes of SDRAM, 4 MB of video RAM, and a Memory-Stick slot.

The Sony C1 micro notebook is the first Sony portable to feature a built-in digital camera. It will ship this month with a $2,299 estimated street price, featuring a 266MHz Pentium with MMX, 64 MB of SDRAM, a 4.3GB hard drive, a USB port, and a 56kbps V.90 modem.

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