Compaq Presario notebooks feature fast K6-2

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Compaq Presario notebooks feature fast K6-2

Compaq Computer Corp. has unveiled the first notebooks based on the latest and fastest 380MHz and 350MHz AMD-K6-2 processors.

The new Presario 1675, 1670 and 1270 models also feature large state-of-the-art active matrix displays and a 100MHz system bus architecture.

The $2,399 Presario 1675 combines a 380MHz K6-2 processor with 3DNow! and a 14.1″ TFT display. The $1,999 Presario 1670 features a 350MHz K6-2 and a 13.3″ TFT display.

The 350 MHz AMD-K6-2-based Presario 1270 is priced at $1,699. Full details are posted at


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