Acclaim signs former Diablo team for samurai game

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Acclaim signs former Diablo team for samurai game

Acclaim Entertainment Inc. has signed San Francisco-based Click Entertainment to develop a samurai-inspired action role-playing game for the PC.

The title is expected to be published by Acclaim in Spring 2000.

Click Entertainment is led by Doron Gartner and Ben Haas, both key members of the development team behind Blizzard Entertainment’s Diablo game.

Click’s first game with Acclaim will be an action-style title inspired by samurai lore and movies like Akira Kurosawa’s “Throne of Blood” and “Sanjuro.” The game will put players in the role of seven samurai warriors, each with his own special skill, tasked to defend their land from evil forces.

More information on Click is posted at Acclaim’s website is at