HP spills PA-8600 chip specs

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HP spills PA-8600 chip specs

Hewlett-Packard Co.’s upcoming PA-8600 processor will appear both sooner and faster than previously expected.

Originally planned for release in mid-2000, the PA-8600 now is expected to ship in systems by the first quarter of 2000. The chip is expected to reach clock speeds of 500MHz to 550MHz. The design will include new cache algorithms to enable faster access to data, and cache prefetch technology to load data from memory faster.

High-availability features include error checking and correcting on the 1.5MB of on-chip cache to improve real-time error correction. The PA-8600 will be enhanced further by the addition of lockstep capability, a technology that enhances availability by enabling systems to compare processing steps and recover if errors are detected.

HP officials made the remarks during a user group meeting in Chicago.

Information about HP and its products can be found at www.hp.com.