IGST multimedia chips at heart of Venus Project

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IGST multimedia chips at heart of Venus Project

IGS Technologies Inc.’s CyberPro2010 and CyberPro5000 multimedia processors are a key technology behind a new Chinese Windows CE initiative from Microsoft Corp.

Code-named the “Venus” project, the initiative aims to allow Chinese consumers to add computing power to their existing TV sets via a fully localized version of the Windows CE operating system.

Acer and ITE will use the CyberPro2010 and 5000 Series multimedia chips in their Venus devices when they bring them to market in a few months.

The Venus project will create a new platform for educational software, Internet browsing, e-mail, document creation, games, multimedia, TV and VCD capabilities specifically designed for Chinese consumers.

Details about the IGST multimedia chips are posted at http://www.igst.com.


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