3Com, Microsoft to network homes

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3Com, Microsoft to network homes

3Com Corp. and Microsoft Corp. plan to develop co-branded home networking products.

The product line will initially include traditional Ethernet and home phone line networking kits, with radio frequency and power-line carrier kits to follow.

The first products are scheduled to be released to OEMs this summer, with retail kits scheduled to be available this fall.

The products will take advantage of new features of the Windows 98 operating system, such as Internet Connection Sharing, drawing on technology from Microsoft’s Universal Plug and Play initiative.

3Com and Microsoft’s home phone-line networking solutions will be compatible with HomePNA standards and will provide 10Mbps performance. For higher performance, the product line will also include 10/100 Ethernet solutions based on 3Com chipsets.

3Com’s web site is located at http://www.3com.com. Microsoft is at http://www.microsoft.com.


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