NVIDIA formally unveils RIVA TNT2

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NVIDIA formally unveils RIVA TNT2

NVIDIA Corp. announced today the RIVA TNT2 3D processor, combining 3D and 2D performance with 32-bit true color rendering, 32-bit Z-buffer and a 32MB frame buffer.

The chip’s TwiN Texel Architecture with per-pixel mip-mapping, combined with the TNT2’s fill rate of up to 350 million pixels-per-second, gives the RIVA TNT2 the ability to render up to 10 million triangles per second, according to the company.

Targeting the mainstream performance PC market, RIVA TNT2-based boards will feature a 300MHz RAMDAC and 32MB of RAM, and will support resolutions beyond HDTV and as high as 2048-by-1536-by-32bpp at 85hz.

The 128-bit RIVA TNT2 accelerator includes Digital Flat Panel support, and support for AGP 4X and AGP 2X.

The Company’s web site is at http://www.nvidia.com.