Intel issues challenge to chip forgers

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Intel issues challenge to chip forgers

Intel Corp. is waging war on ‘remarkers’ – black marketers who overclock Pentium chips, relabel them, and then sell them to unsuspecting customers at a higher price.

The company says it is releasing new software, called the Processor Frequency ID Utility, via its Web site to help PC makers, customers, and law enforcement to identify the true speed at which each Pentium III was sold. If the chip was illegally modified, the software will detect it and alert the consumer.

The software – which only works with the Pentium III – uses several cues put into the silicon itself to identify the speed at which the chip should be running. Despite its name, the utility does not use Intel’s controversial chip ID.

The software will not inhibit power users from accelerating their PC processors, an Intel spokesman said. It will merely tell them what they already know – that the chip is overclocked.

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