Diamond optimizes for Pentium III Xeon

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Diamond optimizes for Pentium III Xeon

Diamond Multimedia Systems Inc. announced that its Fire GL1 graphics accelerator is designed to take full advantage of the Streaming SIMD Extensions included with Intel’s Pentium III Xeon processor.

The optimization will boost the performance of the Pentium III within the 3D geometry pipeline, to provide enhanced 3D graphics performance on the Windows NT platform, according to Diamond officials.

Delivering up to 15 million anti-aliased vectors per second, the Diamond Fire GL1 accelerator is designed to keep pace with the on-board geometry acceleration provided by the Pentium III Xeon chip.

The Fire GL1 also includes specialized software drivers that auto-detect for Streaming SIMD Extensions and leverage the 3D geometry capabilities of the processor.

More information is available from Diamond at http://www.diamondmm.com.