Sega president: ‘Go Big, or Go Home!’

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Sega president: 'Go Big, or Go Home!'

“Go big, or go home,” was Sega of America President and Chief Operating Officer Bernard Stolar’s message to video game developers in his keynote address to the Game Developers Conference in San Jose, Calif.

Stolar told an audience of more than 1,500 video game developers, reporters and industry luminaries that Sega, with its new Sega Dreamcast video game console, is out to change the way people think about video games.

Sega says it’s Dreamcast machine, developed with Microsoft, is the first video game console designed to evolve with changes in technology, allowing continuous expansion and upgradability.

Another first is Dreamcast’s Internet capabilities, providing developers with the ability to create games with Internet options that can be upgraded via the web, or live entirely on the Internet.

Stolar announced during his speech that a 56k modem would be available for Sega Dreamcast when it launches this fall in North America.

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