Accolade ships Redline

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Accolade ships Redline

Next week, Accolade will begin shipping its Redline 3D action game for the PC.

Redline is set in the year 2066, a time when the privileged live in domed cities and rival gangs battle outside in toxic wastelands for survival. As the game begins, the player takes the role of a rookie gang member attempting to join the Company gang and prove himself as he battles against the opposing gang members of the Templars, Red Sixers and the Lepers.

Up to 12 players can battle via LAN and over the Internet in Frag-fests, Team Play and Capture the Flag Arenas.

Redline will support GameSpy, Mplayer, and Heat.Net, as well as independent servers found from the Redline server directory on Accolade’s web site.

More information is posted at