3D GameGauge 2.0 measures 3D games

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3D GameGauge 2.0 measures 3D games

Computer Gaming World, a Ziff-Davis publication, has unveiled Version 2.0 of its 3D GameGauge tool for measuring and benchmarking 3D performance and “playability.”

3D GameGauge works by gathering frame rate data from a chosen group of games, running at 1024-by-768-by-16, triple-buffered. Image quality is also evaluated in each individual game by looking at specific features to see how well they are rendered.

The games chosen for 3D GameGauge 2.0 are Madden’ 99 (Direct3D) by EA Sports, Unreal (Direct3D and OpenGL) by GT Interactive/Epic Megagames, Motorhead (Direct3D) by Fox Interactive/DICE, Descent 3 (Direct3D) by Interplay and Half-Life (OpenGL) by Sierra Studios/Valve. Computer Gaming World also will be adding a flight simulator to this mix.

Interested parties can download game patches needed to run 3D GameGauge 2.0 from Computer Gaming World’s Web site, www.computergaming.com.