Viper V770 aims to please die-hard gamers

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Viper V770 aims to please die-hard gamers

Diamond Multimedia Systems Inc. has released a new, higher-performance Viper V770 graphics accelerator based on NVIDIA’s Riva TNT2 Ultra graphics controller.

The Viper V770 was launched this week, along with the new Stealth III S540.

Shipping with 32MB of onboard memory, Diamond’s Viper V770 features advanced 128-bit processing power with NVIDIA’s TwiN Texel engine design and delivers single-pass, multi-texturing for high-visual quality while maintaining high frame rates and performance.

Diamond Multimedia’s best-of-class Viper V770 will be available for AGP 4X systems as well as support AGP 2X and features the RIVA TNT2 Ultra processor, the second-generation single-chip 128-bit 3D processor able to process two pixels per clock cycle from NVIDIA.

Scaleable resolution support of up to 2048×1536, an enhanced dual 32-bit color 3D pipeline, and trilinear and anisotropic filtering all contribute to the Viper V770’s performance and visual quality output.

Diamond’s Viper V770 also delivers 32-bit Z-buffer including an 8-bit stencil buffer and MPEG support.

TheViper V770 is scheduled to ship in May for $230. It can be purchased directly from Diamond’s online store at


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