Diamond updates InControl Tools 99

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Diamond updates InControl Tools 99

Diamond Multimedia Systems Inc. has unveiled the next-generation version of its InControl 3D desktop utility software.

InControl Tools 99 is designed to be a comprehensive set of easy-to-use 3D desktop utilities, enabling PC gamers to tweak display settings, access pre-programmed setting profiles for select 3D titles, obtain automatic driver updates and more.

The software is available with Diamond’s new TNT2 Ultra-based Viper V770 and Savage4 Pro-powered Stealth III S540 graphics accelerators.

Viper V770 and Stealth III S540 users with InControl Tools 99 can select between Direct3D and OpenGL hardware settings, and set a variety of preferences.

More information is available at http://www.diamondmm.com.


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