DVant ships Kingdom II Shadoan on DVD

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DVant ships Kingdom II Shadoan on DVD

DVant Digital will ship Kingdom II – Shadoan, the DVD-Video version of Rick Dyer’s Tolkienesque adventure.

The fully interactive game, designed for playing on a standard DVD-Video player is due to be released worldwide by Digital Versatile Disc Ltd.

“Most of the DVD-Video products sold in stores today are just movies and are not truly interactive,” said DVant’s Chief Technical Officer, Mark Johnson. “Most consumers are not yet aware of the rich, interactive content that can be delivered via DVD, but we foresee a huge future demand for multilingual games, educational and other products that will take consumers way beyond passive movie viewing.”

Shadoan’s sophisticated interactivity allows the viewer to use the DVD player’s remote control to navigate around the Kingdom of Shadoan collecting and using various player-selected magical objects to help the hero save the Kingdom. The game logic is composed of approximately 300 different dependencies that determine game path, which makes Shadoan the most complex DVD-Video title to date, according to the company.

DVant’s web site is located at www.dvant.com.