Cyrix Mulls 370-Pin Socket Chip

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Cyrix Mulls 370-Pin Socket Chip

Cyrix is evaluating a design for its forthcoming processors that will be pin-compatible with Intel’s 370-pin socket, industry sources told TechWeb reporters.

The 370-pin socket allows processors to attach directly to the motherboard rather than requiring a more costly Slot 1 module, helping PC OEMs reduce system costs.

Intel prices its Plastic Pin Grid Array 370-pin format about $10 less than the Single Edge Processor Package (Slot 1) in low quantities, and 370-pin motherboards also are less costly than their Slot 1 couterparts.

Executives familiar with Cyrix plans say the division of National Semiconductor could transition to the 370-pin socket at the end of the year. They noted that it would offer a higher performance solution than the current Super Socket 7 design and would help distinguish the company’s processors from competitor Advanced Micro Devices.

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