TI wins $25M in patent suit against Hyundai

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TI wins $25M in patent suit against Hyundai

Texas Instruments has won the first of nine patent lawsuits against Hyundai Electronics Industries.

A federal district court sentenced Hyundai to pay $25.2 million in damages to TI for willful infringement of two U.S. patents.

TI has asked the court to stop Hyundai from using its patents in chip manufacturing. Some manufacturing experts suggest such a stoppage would disrupt Hyundai’s final chip assembly operations and delay product shipments, including DRAM chips.

Hyundai has argued that an expired cross-licensing agreement with TI unfairly restrains its chip sales in countries outside the United States.

TI’s patents involve a method of automatically transferring work pieces, such as wafers, between two or more workstations in an final assembly line.

Additional TI patent lawsuits against Hyundai are still pending in the United States, Japan, the Netherlands, Germany, the United Kingdom, and France. The first of those cases is expected to go to trial in London on April 19.

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