Compaq revs 380- and 350MHz Mobile AMD-K6-2 Ps

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Compaq revs 380- and 350MHz Mobile AMD-K6-2 Ps

Compaq has chosen AMD’s fastest Mobile AMD-K6-2 P processors with 3DNow! technology to power new Prosignia notebook PCs designed specifically for small and medium businesses.

Compaq introduced the Prosignia 150 Series with models featuring both the 380-MHz Mobile AMD-K6-2 P and the 350-MHz Mobile AMD-K6-2 P processors.

The announcement marks the first time that Compaq has used AMD-K6-2 family processors in its Prosignia product line.

The Prosignia Notebook 150, based on the Mobile AMD-K6-2 P/380 processor, is the highest clock speed notebook available, according to Compaq. This system, along with the Prosignia 150 based on the Mobile AMD-K6-2 P/350, features a Super7 platform design compatible with a 95/100-MHz frontside bus, 2X AGP graphics, and a large L2 cache.

Compaq sells the notebooks via its web site at


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