Stalemate persists over Intel server spec

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Stalemate persists over Intel server spec

Debate over who will rule the next-generation server architecture continues to rage.

Despite months of negotiations, the two factions developing the next generation of server I/O technologies are at an impasse.

The Intel-backed Next Generation I/O (NGIO) specification, and Future I/O (FIO), backed by server heavyweights Compaq, IBM and Hewlett-Packard have been unable to resolve several key differences.

PC Week is reporting that a major bone of contention is the development schedule Intel has established for NGIO, which is being evaluated by a standards committee called the NGIO Forum. Intel says it expects products based on NGIO to ship next year, while the FIO spec is on track to be ratified by year’s end, with products not due until 2001.

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