Micron picks S3 Savage4 PRO for Client Pro

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Micron picks S3 Savage4 PRO for Client Pro

Micron Electronics Inc. has selected the S3 Inc. Savage4 PRO graphic accelerator for its Client Pro computer systems.

“We chose S3’s Savage4 PRO because it delivers the right performance, features, price and legacy software support necessary for. . .3D business applications,” said Jeff Moeser, Micron’s vice president of desktop product development.

The graphics accelerator features 128-bit super-pipelined 3D engine, the Savage4 provides AGP 4X technology, true 32-bit 3D rendering, S3TC (S3 Texture Compression Technology), trilinear filtered single-pass multi-texturing, hardware accelerated DVD, up to 32MB memory support and complete digital flat panel support, according to S3 officials.

More information about the Savage4-equipped Micron systems is posted at http://www.micronpc.com.


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