3Com previews new NIC technology for Windows 2000

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3Com previews new NIC technology for Windows 2000

3Com’s advanced processor-based technology for high performance, distributed computing will be demonstrated at the upcoming WinHEC show.

Developed jointly developed with Microsoft, the new “Typhoon” network interface card technology contains performance and desktop management enhancements optimized for Windows 2000 Professional and Windows 2000 Server.

Typhoon will perform hardware acceleration for standard TCP/IP processing and Internet protocol security encryption.

Offloading these key networking and security tasks to the NIC reduces the burden on the host system for faster overall performance, according to 3Com officials.

3Com will be demonstrating the offloading of security tasks (IPSec) to the NIC during the Windows Hardware Engineering Conference in Los Angeles, April 6-8.

3Com’s web site is at http://www.3com.com.