Dazzle ships first USB digital video products

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Dazzle ships first USB digital video products

Dazzle Multimedia is offering three USB products – the Dazzle Digital Video Creator, the Dazzle Digital Video Creator-Internet Edition, and the Dazzle Digital Photo Maker – which target the PC digital video publishing market. The products are plug-and-play devices that allow users to capture, edit, manage and publish video and still photos.

All three products produce TV-quality digital video using the MPEG-1 standard. The Video Creator allows users to edit their MPEG video onto VHS tapes. The Internet edition of the Video Creator also supports the Internet-standard streaming video and audio formats from RealNetworks. Additionally, users can create Web pages that include MPEG or Real format files and upload those pages directly to their ISP or hosting service. The Digital Photo Maker allows users to capture and edit video snapshots.

For more information, visit Dazzle’s web site at www.dazzle.com.