Pioneer provides first SCSI DVD-ROM drive

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Pioneer provides first SCSI DVD-ROM drive

Pioneer New Media Technologies Inc. is now shipping a 6X DVD-ROM drive which is available with either an Ultra SCSI or ATAPI interface.

The new DVD-303S drive is compatible with single and dual layer DVD, DVD-R, CD-ROM, CD-R and CD-RW media.

It offers random seek times of less than 90msec and access times of less than 120msec for DVD-ROM discs. For CD-ROM discs, it provides seek times of less than 70msec and access times less than 80msec. The 5.25″ half-height drives have 512 kBytes of buffer memory and are compatible with the Windows 9X Plug and Play standard.

The drives support 32X CD-ROM speed for backward compatibility. They are selling at an estimated street price of $150 for the ATAPI version and $225 for the SCSI model.

Pioneer’s web site is located at