MultiSync E950: more picture, less space

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MultiSync E950: more picture, less space

NEC Technologies Inc. now offers a 19″ short-depth monitor, with a footprint the size of most conventional 15″ monitors.

The MultiSync E950 uses NEC’s CromaClear CRT technology to deliver a mask pitch of .25 mm. The shorter depth is due to a 100-degree deflection CRT, which reduces the cabinet depth over conventional 19″ CRT monitors.

The MultiSync E950 has a horizontal scan range of 31Khz to 96Khz and a vertical scan range of 55Hz to 160Hz. Its recommended resolution is 1280-by-1024 at 85Hz, but the monitor can run at a maximum resolution of 1600-by-1200 at 77Hz. It is currently selling at an estimated street price of $629. For more information, visit NEC Technologies’ web site at