Cell Computing unveils smallest Pentium motherboard

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Cell Computing unveils smallest Pentium motherboard

Cell Computing Inc.has announced the Plug-N-Run line of PCI-based micro-motherboard products.

The Plug-N-Run is a 3-by-5″ low-power module containing all the functionality of a traditional PC motherboard – including an Intel mobile Pentium or mobile Pentium II CPU, cache, chipset, graphics controller, BIOS, and Super I/O – in a form factor designed for mobile and embedded computer systems. Plug-N-Run functions as an off-the-shelf component for OEMs designing imaging and networking products, portable instrumentation, ruggedized PCs, and other systems that require Pentium and Pentium II processors in ultra-compact designs.

The initial member of the Plug-N-Run family is an ultra-compact PCI motherboard featuring the 233MHz Intel mobile Pentium processor with MMX technology. In addition to the Pentium CPU, 256 kBytes of L2 cache, and Intel 430TX system controller included in typical CPU modules, the Plug-N-Run also includes the Intel PIIX4E south bridge, a Neomagic 2160 graphics controller capable of resolutions up to 1024-by-768 at 64K colors, a Super I/O chip, support for up to 256 kBytes of main memory, and the industry standard Phoenix 4.06 BIOS.

The module connects to the rest of the system via a 320-pin AMP stacking connector. The Pentium II Plug-N-Run will feature the latest mobile Pentium II processor (Dixon) running at 333MHz, the Intel 440BX AGPset, and the Neomagic NM2200 AGP graphics controller. All other components are identical to the Pentium design.

The Plug-N-Run micro-motherboards are priced at $399 in OEM quantities.

Additional information is posted at http://www.cellcomputing.com.


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