Extreme Water Sports game makes a splash

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Extreme Water Sports game makes a splash

Head Games Publishing has released Extreme Water Sports, the first water-skiing simulation created for the PC.

Teaming up with MasterCraft, the leading manufacturer of competition ski boats, Head Games has attempted to capture the incredible high of slalom racing, tackling the jump ramp and catching air while strapped into a wakeboard.

Extreme Water Sports is currently available for the suggested retail price of $24.95. Before hitting the lake, gamers can choose from four MasterCraft boats, as well as visit the surf and ski shop, where they can grab their equipment, from Wet Tech wetsuits to O’Brien skis and Full Tilt wakeboards.

Extreme Water Sports was developed by Hammer Technology Inc. for Head Games, a wholly owned subsidiary of Activision Inc.

More information about Head Games Publishing is posted at http://www.headgames.net.