Cavedog’s Boneyards to begin public beta

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Cavedog's Boneyards to begin public beta

Cavedog Entertainment has begun an open, public beta test for its new online gaming community, Boneyards.

Initially designed to support the company’s award-winning game Total Annihilation, Boneyards will be compatible with Cavedog software titles as well as select titles from its parent, GT Interactive games, such as Wizard Works’ Deer Hunter.

Boneyards is designed to provide players with persistent world experiences. The heart of Boneyards lies in the metagame, a grand-scale cooperative, multiplayer effort designed specifically for each product. Total Annihilation’s Galactic Wars, the first metagame designed for Boneyards, will offer players a chance to participate in an ever-changing struggle for control of a galaxy between the game’s two warring factions, the Arm and the Core.

Gameplay for Galactic Wars takes place across a Galactic Map composed of 50 to 70 interconnected worlds that are evenly divided between the Arm and the Core. Players select planets to contend for, then enter multiplayer battles with one or more human opponents in order to determine the fate of each planet.

Owners of the original Total Annihilation game can visit Cavedog Entertainment at