New processors talked up at WinHEC

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New processors talked up at WinHEC

Intel, AMD and Cyrix all outlined plans for their next generation of desktop chips at the Windows Hardware Engineering Conference in Los Angeles.

Intel described its plan for the next iteration of the Intel-based desktop. Available in September, the PC reference design will sport a 500MHz or faster Pentium III chip with 4X AGP, Rambus Direct RAM, Intel’s forthcoming 820 chip set with a 133MHz front side bus, and a hard drive that supports ATA66, a recently introduced disk drive interface that can transfer twice as much data as today’s ATA33 drive.

AMD is planning to challenge Intel on the high end with its new K7 chip.

Due in June, the K7 will start at 500MHz and support between 512 kB and 8MB of Level 2 cache. It will also utilize the EV6 front side bus, licensed from Digital Equipment Corp., running at 200MHz.

K7 will come in a cartridge, called slot A, which is compatible with Intel’s slot 1.

At WinHEC AMD demonstrated a 600MHz K7 with the 200MHz memory bus, 128MB of 100MHz memory and a chip set of its own design.

National Semiconductor’s Cyrix division revealed plans to ramp up higher speeds for its MII chip, which competes against Intel’s Celeron.

A 366MHz MII is due shortly. The company will ship 400MHz and 433MHz versions in the May/June time frame. A 466MHz MII is slated for the fourth quarter.

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